So why Apple Valley Creamery products?

When we decided to start a milk delivery business, the first thing we had to consider was the product.  Milk is available many, many places, so we had to be sure that ours could sell itself.  Apple Valley Creamery stood out in so many ways: family owned, Animal Welfare approved, non-GMO, no hormones, no antibiotics, glass bottled, and lastly, the best darn chocolate milk we have ever had.

What makes this milk different?

What makes Apple Valley milk different than others is primarily the taste.  The milk you're drinking in your weekly delivery is only days out of the barn - it doesn't get much fresher than that!  Apple Valley Creamery milks their own cows and bottles and pasteurizes their own milk.  The milk comes from one herd of cows on two farms.  Milk from each cow is checked prior to milking.  No 500 mile trips in a tanker truck to be combined with all other farms in that radius, no ultra pasteurizing to prolong it's shelf life, no GMOs, no growth hormones!  This is what farm fresh milk tastes like.


Another way that Apple Valley milks stand out is their glass bottles.  Why recycle when we can just reuse?  As we all know, not all recyclable items end up in that blue bin.  And if you ask us, nothing harkens back to the simpler times than a nice glass bottle of milk on your porch.


We encourage you to read about Apple Valley's Farming Practices for more information.

Where do I sign up?

To create your own weekly subscription, visit our Subscriptions page.  You simply add the subscription(s) to your cart and that will become your weekly delivery.  Sunrise Milk will contact you within 24 hours of check out to review your subscription, make any changes, customize your delivery experience, create your customer account, and answer any questions you might have.  You can also start the conversation via phone at 908.303.3080 or email.

Why delivery?  Can't I just go to the grocery store?

To us at Sunrise Milk, it's not just the product itself, but the experience of old fashioned delivery that we crave.  Home milk delivery harkens back to a simpler time with simpler foods.   We look forward to providing that simplicity that our parents and grandparents remember as a way of life!

How will I know when my delivery arrives?

You will be alerted via email, text message, and/or an old fashioned knock on the door when your milk arrives!  Delivery times can be anywhere from 4am to 4pm on your weekly delivery day is dependent upon where you live on the delivery route.  For the most part, delivery will come around the same time each week.  If there is a delay, you will  likely be contacted, or can check the Delivery Alerts page for details.


Want to learn more?


Check out our Frequenty Asked Questions below or contact us to discuss your individual needs.  We would love to customize your subscription to fit your needs and create an enjoyable experience, as old fashioned milk delivery should be!

What if I am not available to receive my delivery?

Have no fear!  A cooler, insulated bag  will keep your dairy comfortably cool if you are not around for the delivery.  Traditional milk boxes are also available for purchase with your subscription!


If you are out of town, contact Sunrise Milk by phone, email, or text to let them know not to deliver that week.  There is no penalty and your surscription will resume the next week on your delivery day.

How do I make changes to my subscription?

At Sunrise Milk we know how your family needs can change on a whim: maybe a gallon isn't enough to get you through until the next delivery, maybe you'd like to add butter to your order this week, maybe you need to downsize your half & half.  To make any deliveries to your order, either one time or ongoing, email, call, text, or leave a note for the delivery driver.  Changes made by midnight on Monday are guaranteed, anything after that we will try our best to make happen for you!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling or emailing us.  We encourage you to let us know if there is anything we can do to make the service work for you.  Sunrise Milk puts the customer first, and we will do whatever we can to make your experience positive and delicious!

How will I be billed for my subscription?

Sunrise Milk will bill you monthly, at the end of each calendar month.  We accept checks, cash, and credit cards, and can provide your monthly invoice via email or with your last delivery of the month with payment to be due by your next delivery.  


A 10% discount is available for paying your weekly subscription annually.  Add ons would be billed seperately and still subject to your 10% discount.

What is Creamline Milk?

Creamline milk is non-homogonized milk.  It gets its name from the line that forms as the milk fats seperate from the liquids as it sits in your refrigerator.  Homogonized milk is what we are all used to.  The milk fats have been broken down into tiny bits so that it is evenly distributed throughout the milk.  This is an extra process that farms do after pasteurization.


While the nutritional value is the same, you may prefer your food to be processed as little as possible, in which case creamline is the way to go.  It needs to be shaken before it's poured to mix the milk fats back in.  Some think it tastes better, some think it's easier for the body to digest, no matter the reason, it's available through Sunrise Milk!


If you want to give it a taste first, let us know and we'll stop by for a tasting.

I live too far out of the delivery zone, is there anything that can be done? 

As you now know by reading the website, getting such a quality product into the hands of those who will love and appreciate it is our biggest objective.  We understand how hard it is to find that product, which is why we began Sunrise Milk to begin with! 


Do you have friends or family within the delivery zone that can accept the delivery on your behalf?  Do you work within the delivery zone?


We encourage you to reach out to us with your location if you are interested.  If enough people from a certain area want to subscribe, we may be able to extend our delivery route to accomodate your area.  


We will do everything we can to get this farm fresh milk to your doorstep!

What happens when it snows?

You can't have hot cocoa without fresh milk on a snow day!  Your weekly delivery will not be impacted much by weather conditions.  If it is irresponsible for us to be out, however, and we can't beat the storm, we will contact you and delivery one day early, or plan to be out later in the day on your delivery day.  We will do whatever it takes to get you your milk as scheduled.


If you have a driveway that will be difficult to get in and out of in the winter months, we urge you to contact us and we can come up with a plan - delivery at the end of the driveway, a friends house, or even your office if possible are all options.  

What happens when my delivery day falls on a holiday?

With the exception of Christmas Day (which will fall on a Friday in 2015 and then will not impact delivery days until 2019), you will still get your delivery that day.  Just because it's a holiday, doesn't mean you don't want fresh milk!  When Christmas Day falls on a delivery day everyone will be alerted and you will get your delivery one day early.